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Dental hygienists and dental assistants are a vital part of a good dental team, and work closely with the dentist to provide optimum dental care. They provide treatments such as root planing, scaling and prophylaxis for periodontal diseases. They also teach patients how to care for their teeth, as well as contribute to comprehensive dental diagnoses by providing diagnoses on your dental hygiene. Our friendly and courteous office staff are always happy to assist old and new patients throughout their dentist visits. They will help arrange and manage your appointments and follow-up visits, and answer any questions and concerns that you may have.
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Dr. Seymour Moskovitz
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Dr. Reza Arjmandi

Dr Seymour Moskovitz

Dr. Moskovitz is in his 43rd year of practicing dentistry after graduating from the University of Toronto in 1975. He enjoys doing all aspects of dental treatment and has seen many positive changes to materials, equipment and techniques over his career. He has continually tried to expand his knowledge and is particularly interested in sleep apnea as well as Invisalign orthodontic treatment. He is very excited to be in the new office and looks forward to seeing you there.

Dr Reza Arjmandi

Meet Dr. Reza Arjmandi, or Dr. Rez as we all call him! Dr. Rez has been involved in the field of dentistry for almost a decade now and is one of the very few multi licensed dental professionals in Canada.

  Dr. Rez is a dental hygienist, restorative dental hygienist as well as a Dentist. He actively practices in all of these fields and has a very broad view of dentistry.

Dr. Rez is also a clinical instructor, internationally trained dentist, assisting and guiding them to reach Canadian Standards and be successful in practicing dentistry in Canada.

In his Spare time if not continuing education courses or teaching, he works on cars, motorcycles and electronics. He also races cars and motorcycles at the race track and is a devoted automotive enthusiast and modifier. He loves electronic music and takes every opportunity to spend time with his family and dog (Bentley)!