Helping Teens with Oral Hygiene

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Teens are always crazy about technology and it just so happens that dentistry has plenty of technology available. Let’s get them excited!

If we can influence teens to take charge of their dental care, we will help their overall long-term dental health. Remember, implementing early dental care is the best prevention for dental health problems.

Healthy teeth and gums are vital to your teenager’s health. Good oral hygiene and dental care for their teeth start with cleaning teeth twice a day.

What are Points to Consider?

Consistently cleaning teeth

Choosing the right toothbrush

Using toothpaste with and fluoride

Consider dental sealants

Visiting the dentist at least twice a year

Parental encouragement can be a game changer in a child’s life. Encourage teens to brush his/her teeth regularly. Talking about why it’s good to brush your teeth could be an excellent place to start – for example, regular brushing helps keep teeth clean and prevents tooth decay and bad breath.

Best Solution – Appeal of Confidence

Gently reminding teens that slack dental care routine could result in yellow stains and bad breath can help them remember that the importance of brushing is about more than just staying cavity-free.

For questions about keeping your oral hygiene or your teen’s teeth, contact your family dentist in Woodbridge – Dentistry for You, today!

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