Is Milk Good for Oral Health?

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Keeping your teeth, gums and oral cavity healthy is not all about proper oral healthcare routine and going to the dentist. Most of the time, what you eat, and drink significantly affects your oral health. Here at Dentistry For You, we are discussing if drinking milk positively affects your dental health.

A great deal of observational and cross-sectional studies revealed that there are lower dental caries reported among children that drink milk compared to those who do not.

Based on studies, milk consumption is considered anti-cariogenic, or in simple terms, drinking milk tends to prevent tooth decay. The proteins found in milk form a protective barrier on the tooth enamel, which inhibits your teeth from attracting decay caused by bacterial acids.

Furthermore, milk is rich in calcium and phosphorus. These minerals help strengthen and repair your teeth that have been attacked by bacterial acids. Just by drinking one cup of milk a day, you get about 300 mg of calcium every day.

Maintain and keep your oral cavity healthy by drinking milk every day! To learn more about the benefits of milk to your oral health, you can contact our dental office in Woodbridge.

-The Dentistry For You Team

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