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Thumb sucking is something that every parent is aware of because in most cases, almost all children suck their thumbs at a some point in their lives. Thumb sucking is a natural phenomenon that even unborn babies suck their thumbs inside their mothers’ wombs. It’s an inborn reflex for babies that can last for the first few years of life. Thumb sucking for children is like a way of coping to stress and anxiety.

However, thumb sucking is not always good, especially if your child keeps on thumb sucking even after their permanent teeth grow. Bite, and jaw problems can occur if not prevented early.

According to a study published in Pediatric Dental Journal in 2016, a callus on the thumb is an indicator that malocclusion is likely to happen in young children. Preschoolers and toddlers who vigorously suck their thumbs form callus and this eventually lead to dental and jaw problems.

This same study also revealed that when children stop thumb sucking by the age of four, any dental or jaw issues may resolve. As parents, it is essential that you know how to detect problems as early as possible. You also must learn how to stop your children from thumb sucking.

Some of the tips that we have gathered for parents to help their children quit thumb sucking includes the use of distractions, being calm, praise your children whenever they stop thumb sucking on their own, provide comfort and ask professional help.

If you need help in dealing with your children’s habit of thumb sucking, you can consult us in Dentistry For You. Our dental office is located in Woodbridge, Ontario.

– The Dentistry For You Woodbridge Team

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