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Many people think that a Dental Implant procedure is painful and sometimes avoid it because of this misconception. Here at Dentistry for You, we let our patients know what to expect during and after dental implant. Knowing that discomfort and some pain is part of the procedure will help prepare patients for their dental implant surgery.

Dental Implant surgery requires suture, incision, screwing and drilling process. This process may sound painful, but you don’t have to worry because for your surgical procedure, a local analgesic is utilized by your dental surgeon, which numbs the feeling of pain. As a rule, the procedure will be done on your healthy oral tissue, and the bone where the dental implant is placed contains less pain sensory nerves that will thwart painful stimulation. All things considered, in case you’re extremely anxious about your dental implant surgery, you can talk with your dentist about other sedative options that will help relieve your anxiety.

After your dental implant procedure, you will initially feel some discomfort and pain for a couple of days. Pain is a common side effect of any major dental operation, but in any case, the pain should be tolerable and manageable.

Apart from the pain at the implant site, some discomfort is also felt underneath your eyes, chin, and cheeks. Minimal bleeding and bruising are other typical side effects of a dental implant procedure, and thus special instructions will be provided to manage your pain and other symptoms.

To take in more about dental implant pain amid and after surgery, you can visit us at Dentistry For You in Woodbridge. Our dental team is committed to serving our patients’ dental needs and concerns!

– The Dentistry For You Woodbridge Team

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