Treating Teeth Grinding

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At Dentistry For You in Woodbridge, we understand that teeth grinding can be a common dental problem. This condition is also known as bruxism. This usually happens at night due to physical or emotional stress. If you are wondering the top ways to treat bruxism, here are a few suggestions:
  1. Talk to your dentist about your jaw alignment. If your jaw does not have the proper alignment it needs, you may be more susceptible to bruxism. 
  2. A mouthguard may be a good solution! You would wear this device at night to help prevent teeth grinding. 
  3. Reduce negative stress that may be contributing to teeth grinding. 
For a dental consult for treating teeth grinding, contact us at Dentistry For You in Woodbridge. We want to ease your pain and maintain your dental health! 
– The Dentistry for You Team 
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