The Bad Effects of Smoking on Dental Health

Smoking is dangerous to your health. It has adverse effects on different parts of your body including your mouth and teeth. At first, it may seem like you don’t see the harmful effects of smoking on your oral health and overall well-being, but as you continue this bad habit, you will eventually suffer the consequences.… Continue reading The Bad Effects of Smoking on Dental Health

Teeth Whitening and Its Benefits

One of the most well-known types of cosmetic dentistry is teeth whitening. It has gained steady popularity because of the many benefits it offers. Here at Dentistry for You in Woodbridge, we provide an efficient and professional whitening procedure that will make our patients’ smiles extra beautiful! Teeth whitening is a dental procedure that is… Continue reading Teeth Whitening and Its Benefits

Why Soda Can Rot Your Teeth?

Do you like drinking soda or soft drinks? If you do, you may want to try to cut back in order to avoid tooth decay and other lifestyle diseases like diabetes. Removing soda from your diet is a good oral and overall health care practice. Soda has a strong association with cavities and erosion. The… Continue reading Why Soda Can Rot Your Teeth?

Child Dental Care Tips

A child’s oral health starts right at home, and because of this, it is up to you as the parent to nurture your child with correct hygiene practices with brushing and flossing. When looking for toothpaste for your child, make sure to pick one that is recommended by the Canadian Dental Association! Many parents find… Continue reading Child Dental Care Tips

Maintaining Your Mouthguard

A mouthguard should be just as important as a helmet or shin guards when it comes to sports. Once you have a mouthguard to protect your teeth, you need to also maintain it too. It’s important not to chew on the mouthguard because it can weaken the material and make it less effective. Your mouth… Continue reading Maintaining Your Mouthguard

Eat Right, For Your Teeth!

We know eating healthy is a smart decision. However, did you know your diet directly affects the health of your teeth too? A nutritious diet promotes new muscle, bone, skin and blood to develop. Without a nutritious diet, we expose ourselves to infection and weak bones. As a child it is even more important to… Continue reading Eat Right, For Your Teeth!

Treating Teeth Grinding

At Dentistry For You in Woodbridge, we understand that teeth grinding can be a common dental problem. This condition is also known as bruxism. This usually happens at night due to physical or emotional stress. If you are wondering the top ways to treat bruxism, here are a few suggestions:   Talk to your dentist… Continue reading Treating Teeth Grinding

Thinking of An Oral Piercing?

Oral piercings can be a piercing of the tongue, lips or cheek. They may be a form of self-expression, but they do come with some health risks. Consulting with a dentist before an oral piercing is a good idea!    Some risks to be aware of are:   Infection – our mouths are the home to… Continue reading Thinking of An Oral Piercing?

Cavity Prevention!

Cavities are a reference to tooth decay and can cause some serious trouble for your oral health. If they are left untreated, they can sometimes require surgery or extraction! How can we prevent cavities and the problems they can cause? Here are a few helpful tips:   Brush twice a day and be sure to floss… Continue reading Cavity Prevention!