The Bad Effects of Smoking on Dental Health

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Smoking is dangerous to your health. It has adverse effects on different parts of your body including your mouth and teeth. At first, it may seem like you don’t see the harmful effects of smoking on your oral health and overall well-being, but as you continue this bad habit, you will eventually suffer the consequences.

Here are the following effects of smoking on your dental health

Bad Breath

One of the leading cause of bad breath is smoking. It causes nicotine and tar to seep into your oral cavities, which leads to nasty smoker’s breath.

Tooth Discoloration

Chemicals from cigarettes or tobacco can stick to your teeth which results in tooth discolouration. Your teeth will appear yellowish to brownish when you have a terrible habit of smoking for years.

Gum Disease

Smoking can increase your risk of developing periodontal disease or gum disease. It causes gum to recede and teeth to fall out. Smokers are also susceptible to bone loss within the jaw if they don’t quit smoking.

Tooth Decay

Smoking increases the buildup of plaque and tartar on your teeth, which causes tooth decay and cavities.

Oral Cancer

Chemicals from tobacco and cigarette can cause changes in the cells of the mouth, which can cause oral cancer.

If you don’t want these negative effects to happen to you or your oral health, you must quit smoking as soon as possible! To learn more about the impact of smoking on your teeth and gums, contact us at Dentistry For You in Woodbridge, Ontario. Our dental team will gladly assist you!

-The Dentistry For You Woodbridge Team

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